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"How soon do you expect to find a girlfriend after you read this book? The first thing you do after you read this book is to follow these simple steps to spot the woman who is likely to be interested in you, the second step is to get her attention, the third step is to get her interested enough in you, and the fourth step is to build on that interest until it becomes a passion.. You may be able to find someone with your first attempt, but it may take upto three or four attempts to hit the right relationship.. it may take a day or it may take a week..."


Every man needs a girlfriend or wife or partner..Studies consistently show that single men are at risk for more medical ailments and psychiatric problems than men who are in relationships .

There are many ways to find a girlfriend... You can use the techniques in HOW TO DATE to find a date at work, or at a bookstore or at a grocery store or at a gym.. the possibilities are endless.

How does it feel to go to a movie or to your restaurant with a beautiful woman hanging on your arm... There is a sweetness and comfort to a woman's presence that your drinking buddies or golf buddies cannot match no matter how much you have in common with them. How does it feel to tell those guys, "My girlfriend is making dinner for me, gotta go, guys!"

You don't have to get the HOW TO DATE book. Just figure out a way to spot women who are available. Then figure out how to start a conversatoin. Figure out their unspoken signals which tell you whether to push ahead or to jump off. Figure out how to take it from step 1 to step 10.. Figure out what to say, when to say it and how.

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Do you have any particular woman in mind since you are getting this HOW TO DATE book? ... It doesn't matter if she is the girl next door or the Queen of Goombahville you can win her if you do it right!"

I dont know if you are going to get the results you want in one week or two weeks or one or two attempts.... Sometimes it takes ten attempts to learn how to do it right !"

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